This is the ARROW GT-500 engine. 65 hp, dual ignition, a 180 watt alternator built-in on the back end of the crank.
Very light (85 lbs or so), very simple, very smooth and very reliable.
This particular engine is FACTORY NEW and has NEVER BEEN RUN.

The mufflers are VERY quiet, and the exhaust pipes can be bent and/reshaped any way you want, to fit a specific cowling.
These pipes were intended to fit in an Avid that I never finished.
And these pipes have been sitting in my shop a few years, and show it. They could use a bit of cleaning up.

These four elbows are original factory supplied exhaust parts, intended to be welded together in any configuration to fit the pipes in wherever you want them.
I wanted to keep these in reserve, so I used industrial exhaust pipe the same diameter to make my tight bends, while maintaining the correct overall length.

Top view of the engine. Note the electric starter.

A couple more views of the engine. The exhaust pipes are only loosely installed for these pictures.

And here's a picture of the electrical components of the engine, showing the rectifier and dual electronic ignition.

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